Dusting off the cobwebs



Oh hello!

Yes, it is I..er..we…um…us? The AwesomeSauceDUO! We are alive, well, and coming to you live from sunny southern California!

That’s right, we moved. Again. As much as we loved Las Vegas, we decided in our heart of hearts the we loved southern CA a whole lot more. So, KDiggity found a sweet job in Oceanside, and here we are! We are all SO MUCH happier here! Our new place is amazing, the views are incredible, the ocean breezes stop you right in your tracks, and it never gets hotter than 80 degrees here. Ever. That alone is worth the move! With our amazing view, we have been able to see SO MUCH wildlife, something that was missing entirely in Las Vegas. So far we have seen (and heard) coyotes, owls, quail, a roadrunner, a wide variety of unknown birds, and there are rumors that there are possums, and all sorts of other critters here. POSSUMS! QUAIL! Things never seen by the likes of G and the Mews before. It’s all been very exciting.

It’s not perfect, for instance there are A LOT of bugs. Like. A lot. Amityville Horror amounts of bugs, crawling out of sockets and drains.  There are noisy neighbors, just like anywhere. One thing we are having to get used to is that nothing is open 24 hours! No more late night restaurants for us, which is a bummer. Still absolutely worth it, though.


SO! Hopefully with a new fresh space, cooler temps, and Saucy G having more time to be able to write, you should see a lot more updates from us on here! Along with a few changes. Saucy G might undergo a name change, something more “professional” like, or something. Eh.  We are still going to highlight our travels, keep you updated on the Mews’, and everything else you used to love about our tiny corner of the internet, with some possible additions! G is considering showcasing some of her fiction writing on here, if you are into that sort of thing, as well as delving into the strange and exciting world of Living with Mental Illness. Whee!

Stay Tuned, and Welcome Back Everyone!

Published by awesomesauceduo

When Awesome K and G Sauce combine their super powers, they become the AwesomeSauceDuo! Adventure! Excitement! Mystery! Follow the Duo and their Mews Team as they travel the States, seeing all their is to see!

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