The Road Ahead

Adventure comes in many different ways. By plane, train, RV, it all starts with walking out your front door. If you adventure by boat it doesn’t mean you can’t ever go by plane. If you start out with an RV it might not mean you continue that way.

Sometimes you get a very clear message (or messages) from the universe that your current path is the wrong one. sad_see_all_the_things

After months of discussion, crying, juggling finances, juggling cats, crying, having MORE things stolen, and finally sleeping like a baby (waking up every few hours crying), we have come to a very difficult decision. cry.jpg

Due to our current financials, and the health of the Mews, we have decided to sell the RV. This was by no means an easy decision, and it in NO WAY means we are hanging up our feathered caps. We plan to have a Brick and Mortar HQ, and travel to awesome destinations all over the globe, we just won’t be doing it with our house in tow. We will still see and do all the things! happy all the things.jpg

In fact we already have big plans…like Seattle in March, plans for Arkansas, Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, and even Las Vegas (we can’t miss the World’s Series of Poker!). It is sad to say goodbye to the RV we barely knew, but that won’t be the end of that dream, either, as we plan to save our pennies and start over in a few years (depending on the Mews, and the Universe of course).

We want to thank you for your never ending support and love. We would be lost wanderers without you!

Stay tuned for our latest and greatest adventures, tips, tricks, and updates!

PS: If you’re in the market for an amazing RV, we know one available…

Published by awesomesauceduo

When Awesome K and G Sauce combine their super powers, they become the AwesomeSauceDuo! Adventure! Excitement! Mystery! Follow the Duo and their Mews Team as they travel the States, seeing all their is to see!

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