UPDATE! Found and Lost, and What Now?

Today has been a crazy whirlwind day! This is on top of a crazy whirlwind week!

A couple of days ago we found out that the Worlds Greatest RV had been stolen from where we parked it behind Bally’s. We weren’t even supposed to have parked behind Bally’s, but due to A/C issues, and melting Mews’, we had to get a hotel room. So there we were. Us and the Mews’ in the hotel room, and the World’s Greatest RV in the East Parking Lot, under a light and a camera, with security driving periodically through the lot.

We reported our loss to Bally’s security. Metro PD. Most importantly we reported to you. The wonderful world of social networking! Thank you! Your sharing of our story, your keeping your eyes peeled and ears to the ground (not literally, it is 1000 degrees outside). A wonderful person out there FOUND our BABY! Metro was alerted, and officers responded. Without you, it might not have been found. Certainly not as quickly. Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you!

It was found in what looks like a residential neighborhood close to the Sam’s Town Casino. I don’t think Metro asked around to any of the houses, but who knows. Maybe they did. IF they did, no one mentioned it to us. Anyhoo…Before we could get to it, the World’s Greatest RV was towed. At first we were upset, but it turns out that it is a LOT safer in the tow yard than it is anywhere else. The lot has barbed wire, electric fences, and 24/7 security. It LOOKS like RV jail, but it should be safe there.

So, we rallied ourselves together, and headed down to the tow yard to assess the damage. We were honored to have Michael Burton of Action News Las Vegas on scene with us, covering our story! Michael and his crew mate (who was amazingly nice, but we don’t remember his name) did a very good story on our blight for the evening news. It didn’t really have the happy ending they, or we, were hoping for.

Seeing the RV was terrifying, wonderful, and nerve-wracking. Going inside was sickening. Violating. We felt/feel defiled. Our home was destroyed. You hear about places getting “tossed,” but until you see it for yourself, you don’t really get the devastation. Every drawer was pulled out and emptied. Every cabinet thrown open. Literally thrown, some of the hinges were pulled off. What little furniture there was, was literally thrown around. A stranger, a “Bad Guy” literally touched, and destroyed everything we own. Most of the stuff was taken. Again, you hear anything not nailed down and don’t think about it, until you realize that most of the stuff wasn’t nailed down. If the couch wasn’t literally bolted to the floor, it probably would have been taken, too. Which would haven been fine, it’s not a comfortable couch.

A lot of the stuff we expected to be gone. The 400 DVD’s and Blu-Rays. The 100 or so video games. The PS2, PS3, and PS4, and original Nintendo were, of course, taken. The flat screen TV’s (the 32″, and the backup little 12″). Our printer/scanner/all in one fancy thingy was taken. Obviously, it was a fancy thingy. Jokes on them! That thing is nasty to connect to! HA! Take THAT BAD GUYS! *ahem* Anyway. They took our fancy new pots and pans that we had used only once. It was our first ever “big kid” set of pots and pans. They took dishes. They took shoes. Clothes. Our ottoman from Amazon. ALL of my fly-fishing stuff (four fly rods, some Abel fly reels ((one that was engraved with Saucy G’s name, and info from when she was on the Junior USA Fly Fishing Team)), flies – some that G’s Old Man had tied. They tossed books. They turned over the medicine cabinet. Everything was defiled.

The most heartbreaking, gut wrenching, disgusting part is that they torn open and ransacked our parents.

There were seven urns in the RV. Why? Why so many ashes? That seems morbid. Well. G’s great grandparents passed, and their ashes went to G’s grandparents. Then they passed before the ashes could be spread. The ashes went to G’s mother.
She was diagnosed with cancer, and passed before she could spread them. The ashes of five people were then passed to Saucy G to spread them.
She has her great grandparents, grandparents, her mother, and her cat, Secret Agent Sam. Awesome K has his father’s ashes.

One of our stops was to spread them in Catalina, CA, and Reno, NV. Looks like some of them are stuck in Vegas. Maybe some ashes got on the Bad Guys, and it freaked them out. Maybe now they will be haunted by a VERY angry Marine. Who knows? Mostly it hurts because we know they were looking for valuables, and the urns are boxes, but the urns are also clearly marked with their names, and their death dates. Now they are all over the RV. 

After we found all the urns and tried to clean them up as best we could. 

The Bad Guys stole our home. They tossed it. They took everything we own (even some souvenirs, like crushed pennies from each of our stops), and what they didn’t take, they destroyed. The police treated this as a stolen vehicle, not as a robbed home. It’s true, it is a vehicle, but it was our lives. Our goals. Our dreams. Our family. Everything.

So here we are. We are staying at Bally’s until Saturday, then we don’t know where we are going. Next week is the 4th of July, which is a huge holiday. We won’t be able to be in the RV, so we have to find a place to stay in Vegas. We would take the RV, but the window was smashed, the ignition trashed, and who knows what else was damaged. We aren’t sure it is even driveable, and if it IS drivable it isn’t safe until we get things repaired. Even AFTER it is fixed, it still feels…wrong. Someone was in our home. Someone touched all our things. They sized us up and took what they wanted. They destroyed what they didn’t want and they destroyed our sense of safety; our sense of trust. People talk about feeling fear when they enter their home after it was robbed, and we feel fear. What if it happens again? What happened while they had it? There is so much uncertainty. There is so much missing. For goodness sakes they took socks. SOCKS!

sock thief

So that is where we are at. Insurance probably can’t cover the thousands and thousands of dollars (roughly 40k) worth of missing things. No one can replace the urns and the missing bits of our parents.

We will figure out what to do next, and keep you updated. Thank you for sticking with us, and for helping us getting our home back. Hopefully the Bad Guy gets caught, but we doubt it. This guy seemed to be a pro, or ballsy. He took our home at 10:45am. Either way.

So here we are. In shock. Tired. Confused. But we are safe. The Mews are safe (they even took the cat beds. CAT BEDS! WHO DOES THAT?!). For now we will wash the clothes we have, put some food in our bellies, and be thankful that no one was hurt.

Here is the story that 13 Action News ran on us:

“Couple heartbroken after RV stolen in Las Vegas”

AwesomeSauce Rating: 

This is a High Card. They say they worst hand is poker is 7, 2, two different suits. This is that hand. If there could be a worse hand, this would be it.

Thank you again to everyone who shared our story! You got our RV BACK! You got our story out there. Without you, we wouldn’t have even gotten our home back. Thank you. We are humbled and honored to be a part of such a wonderful community of people. Thank you for the love and support. We love you, too. 

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43 thoughts on “UPDATE! Found and Lost, and What Now?

  1. This sounds horrific! I can’t imagine opening the door to that. I’m glad the RV was found but I can’t believe the level of disrespect those thieves demonstrated.

  2. I am so, so sorry this happened to you both. May God replace everything 7 fold! Another lady, Mandy, had her Teardrop trailer stolen. The thieves wrecked it so bad, there was no saving it 😦 She was homeless, so to speak, until her new one was delivered. I can’t believe it either, how disrespectful and destructive criminals are. Safe journies soon!

  3. I am so glad you got your rig back. I have a guy in So CA who does wonderful repair work if you have things you need fixed now you have your rig back. Let me know if you want his info.

  4. I am so sorry this happened to you. Relieved you got the house back and understand how you feel about being violated. My s&b was broken into once and I couldn’t stay there for even one night. Never stayed in that home again. Praying everything gets repaired quickly that can and your journey continues soon.

  5. In a traditional home robbery, the cops recommend going to pawn shops to recover your stolen property. If you can stick around the area that’s exactly what I would do. Especially the things that are intensely personal. They would be easy to identify and they can call you if someone tries to sell it and the police will have a suspect! Good luck to you. This is so violating.

  6. Well, I tried to be sneaky and PayPal you a little something- at least to get new socks…. But it asked for pesky details like your name and such…. If you don’t mind, can I get a PayPal email, if you have one? It wouldn’t be a lot, but at least you could get new beds for for the Mews or socks or a night in the hotel. I have a few friends in Vegas, and may be able to procure a few other things if you need them- heck, I even know an RV repair guy…..

    When I was 6 months pregnant, my home was broken into and it’s terribly violating- I can’t imagine that, and then being in a place without a support system…. And the ashes…. I scattered my mom and her dog across the US- I sympathize. It will take time, and hopefully you can recover more.

    I am so sorry this happened to you guys. 😦

  7. I’m so glad you got your house back, but what they did……they will get theirs back. Karma sometimes takes time. At least you are all safe, that’s the important thing.

  8. I’m so very sorry your home was defiled. You will adapt, improvise, and overcome! look to the future and move forward.
    blue skies!

  9. I had been burglarized at my home and I know the feeling. But to the extent of what they did to you home is awfull. With all these crack heads in the world is anything safe I don’t think so. May you be able to get your life back and be able to move on.

  10. So VERY SORRY for your losses! ❤
    Check/monitor craigslist to see if any of your stolen belongings show up there (then contact the police). Check other craigslists too as they may not post for Vegas since that is where the crime occurred…And pawn shops…

  11. I’m in Vegas and have been following since I saw the original post. The area where your RV was recovered is very sketchy, loaded with tweakers. One of the houses, a white 2 story on the corner has 2 older RV’s on the lot ( I Google Mapped it) If it were me I’d ask Metro to politely knock on that door and ask a few questions.
    Besides that – keep an eye on Craigslist for your stolen items, check pawn shops. I’m so sorry this happened to you.

  12. So, so very sorry you experienced this. Sorry your family tree experienced this too. A few years ago I walked into my S&B to find it being robbed. 3 men, I told them I had a gun and was not afraid to use it. They ran, but cops never found them. 3 laptops, unreplaceable jewelry, and they dropped my Kindle. Some peoples kids!

  13. I hope someone will offer you free food and lodging, and possibly pay for repairs. There are peeps in the RV groups that are so helpful. I posted on Bally’s Las Vegas website and told them about how lovely it would be if they helped you – ya never know!
    I know your beautiful RV home is grieving also – please don’t give up on her/him! luv luv luv – Patti & Jerry Burt

  14. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their genitals for the next 5 centuries! >:-/ We RVer’s and Letterboxers (saw your book in one of the photos) stick together so reach out and accept help from any of us local. I would love to contribute to a Go Fund Me if you set it up. In the meantime, sharing your story on my FB and blog so maybe others can help keep an eye out for your belongings. Good luck and Goddess Bless!

  15. Take a deep breath and take each day at a time. You will recover, although I don’t hold out much hope for the low life that caused you such heartache! What comes around goes around! Wouldn’t want to be him!

  16. I understand your pain. Don’t let this destroy you, you will get it fixed, you will find new things. Your family cannot be replaced, but at least you have your home. It can still be your home. People can be horrible, but mostly they are good. The bad guys probably won’t get caught. Also, try to avoid Birmingham, Alabama.

  17. I am glad you and the kitties are all safe, that is most important thing. I can’t imagine the horror of finding everything in that state. But I can tell from your humor that you guys have the resilience to come back from this and not let the “bad guys” win.
    We will be in our rig in central and northern California for the second half of July, not too far away, please let us know if there is anything at all we can do to help.

  18. I’m very sorry to hear about the details. Especially the ashes.
    You’re going to be busy for a while replacing and or repairing things. And dealing with the insurance company.
    I recommend some good security on your next rig. GPS locator. Cameras that you can watch from your cell phone.
    I wish you the best of luck in the future.

  19. Don’t let the bad guys win! Do what you can to pick up and move on. From your writing you have a great wit…find the humor! And your ancestors ashes may not have been spread where intended…but they did have one last adventure!

    Donated and shared your gofundme! Hoping you very enough to make everything right!

    1. …find the humor! And your ancestors ashes may not have been spread where intended…but they did have one last adventure! LOVE IT!!

  20. How disheartening!! It will take time. money and energy to get back to a place of joy but it is about our journey. Please dont let this one bad person steal your joy!! Safe travels!

  21. I feel your pain……..robbed once and felt so violated but the urns just really turned my stomach. Hugs to you Saucy G
    Just on your FB page and saw your pic of your pots and pans….did you post that on FB back when… …if so……..hate to be a Debbie Downer….. but do you think someone saw or knew the value and could be stalking you.
    I know it probably wont not happen again but would you ever consider posting where you are in your journey on FB the day after you were in a certain locale to prevent any would be stalkers?

    1. ^^ THIS. ^^

      I have 2 fbook groups – one very limited membership secret group for adventure planning and another public that gets updated AFTER I’ve left the area. It’s critical for your safety, sadly. I hope these folks adopt a similar strategy.

  22. WOW I’m new to fulltiming (officially really start end of this month) and this very scenario has been on my mind ever since I bought the DP 8 months ago. I’m so sorry you went through that! And the cremains…I’ll have 2 live Kittles with me (Murano and Neko) and 7 furkids that have passed. I’d lose my mind if anything happened to ANY of them!

    As one poster said, at least the relatives had one last adventure (in Vegas no less!) and I’m thinking in a few years you might be able to smile about that.

    I hope the perp ends up located in Alaska by someone familiar with this story. And that they subsequently make whatever happens *cough* look like a bear attack…

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