What/Who is AwesomeSauce?

What is AwesomeSauce?

AwesomeSauce is the AwesomeSauce Duo, their adventures, and the AwesomeSauce Team!

Who is the AwesomeSauce Duo?

Awesome K (or Kevin, as some people call him) is the Lead Editor and one of the writers here at AwesomeSauce Adventures.

Awesome K
A.K keeps an eye out for the feds while I play on the swings

G-Sauce (also known as Genevieve) is the Lead Writer and cat wrangler of AwesomeSauce Adventures.saucy-g

Together they make up the AwesomeSauce Duo!250

What are the AwesomeSauce Adventures?

The AwesomeSauce Adventures chronicles the Duo’s trips throughout the US! Everything from Beer to Poker, from Historic Spots to Roadside Attractions, the Duo will see – and write – about all of it! You can follow their shenanigans here, at AwesomeSauce Adventures!

What/Who is the AwesomeSauce Team?

The AwesomeSauce Team is made up of  The AwesomeSauce Duo P.R Manager – and Mews – Sir Archer Funnyfoot, the Trip Coordinator – and Mews – Miss Matilda Pants, the Head of Logistics and Security– and Mews – Miss Lana-Bo-Bana, and our latest intern – and Mews – Prince Castiel Fluffer Baggins. The Team works tirelessly to bring you the best adventure blog possible!

Follow the team as they trek around the globe in search of all that is Awesome!

Know of a place we should check out? Always want to try something, but never had the chance? Want to know more about the Team, or how to help them go on adventures? Email us at;  awesomesauceduo@gmail.com or check us out on Facebook!

2 thoughts on “What/Who is AwesomeSauce?

  1. Hoping you recover your RV and it’s contents quickly. Shared your post and alerted Vegas friends. I used to live in my 16ft travel trailer. Can’t imagine it being stolen. Best of luck and be well.

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